about us
"GAMUT" which means spectrum is the inspiration behind the wide range of Specification Grade lighting products offered.
The transition of light source from traditional light sources to LED, opened the floodgate of LED Lighting Products. Out of the crowded product lines in the market, there were only a few product lines that stood out.

These product lines were from manufacturers that had the synergy of strong Lighting, design and Electronics background and expertise.

Gamut Lighting started with a limited line of products that proved on it's own in terms of lighting performance, beautiful design, excellent product design, longevity and reliability. New products were steadily introduced investing resources and time of extremely high quality, specification grade products.

Over the years, Gamut Lighting has been able to create landmark projects all over the world, in varying extreme operating environments. The products have gone through the test to time and operating conditions and several phases of innovation that is a continuous process by the product innovation and development engineering team.

Gamut Lighting products are backed by trust that we have earned over the years. Lighting designers, architects and engineers incessantly use Gamut Lighting products in their projects.

We at Gamut continue our professional product development approach rigorously in order to keep offering high quality, reliable, World-Class products.